Princess Anne Hospital Sub-station replacement


Princess Anne Hospital Sub-station replacement

Replacement of the HV-LV Sub-Station at Princess Anne Hospital


Replacement of Existing TX1 & TX2 Transformers;
Replacement of associated HV ring switches and associated ring main units;
Provision of new LV switch board within C41;
Replacement of existing Contractor-based changeover panel including switch gear in room D182(Level D);
All existing LV supplies distribution to be re-terminated into the replacement panels;
New Earthing and Bonding;
Demolition of existing infilling structures whilst maintaining the existing concrete frame;
Removal of all ballast material and formation of concrete hard standing for TX1 and TX2; and
Provision of temporary substation, generators and fuel provision and all associated enabling works associated with the project.

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Contract Administrator / Quantity Surveyor
LH&E Cost Consultancy

Architect / Principal Designer
Kendall Kingscott

Consulting Structural Engineers

Consulting Mechanical & Electrical Engineers
TNG Consulting Engineers


Contract Period
37 wks